Specialist Web Design For UK Vehicle Dealers

Car dealer websites just got cheaper and easier than ever before. With vehicle lookup, multiple design options  and a vast array of built in features. Motorious is just perfect for UK vehicle traders who want to grow their business. Best of all. You can get behind the wheel on our demo vehicle dealer website and take it for a, no obligation, test drive.

Scroll down to discover what you get, how it works and how you can try before you buy!


Watch The Video & See How Easy It Is To Manage Your Vehicle Website With Motorious.

VRM Vehicle Lookup

Getting your vehicles  online is easy. Just enter the vehicle registration mark, click “Lookup Vehicle” and watch your webpage virtually create itself. If you prefer to enter your details manually. No problem. Motorious is simple to use but extremely powerful & flexible.

VRM Vehicle Lookup Tool

Our VRM lookup tool connects to an external service to retrieve the vehicle data. Each successful lookup costs no more than 15p  and you only need to use the tool once, to add a new vehicle to your website. having said that. It is also a useful tool for gathering information about vehicles that you are considering buying.

Check the items that you want to show on the page

Once your vehicle details have been retrieved. You simply check the items that you want to show on your web page. Your page is created based on the template(s) that you choose. You show what you want, where you want.

The vehicle lookup tool will retrieve information about, registration, status, dimensions, Fuel economy, performance, vehicle history and more.

You can add things like the price and mileage manually. You can also edit or add any additional information you choose.

Motorious Vehicle Details Form

The screenshot above shows just some of the information that you can show on your web page. The vehicle lookup tool can return information about, registration, engine, performance, fuel efficiency, dimensions, history and more. 

Images & Videos

You can upload up to nine default images of your vehicle and select one as the main image. These will be displayed automatically.

If you really want to dazzle your visitors, you can add more images, image sliders, image carousels, videos and much more. It’s all built into your template, as standard.

VRM Vehicle Lookup Tool

Features & Extras

Nearly all vehicles have features and extras that will help enhance your sales. You just add them as you go.

Each time you add a new feature. It will be saved and available for use, when you add new vehicles.

Why not see for yourself. Arrange your no obligation demo today!!! 

Templates & Layouts

When we build your website. We will design a vehicle template for you. You choose the layout and we do the rest. You simply load the vehicle template when you add your vehicles.

We will create one template for you, as part of your package. One template is just fine for most vehicle dealers but what if you want more? That’s not a problem. You can have as many templates as you choose. This allows you to offer different layouts for different vehicle types, with one click of the mouse.

VRM Vehicle Lookup Tool

Jam Packed With Features That You Don’t Pay Extra For!!!

Unlike many other specialised automotive website solutions. Motorious comes with a vast array of features at no extra cost. Simply use the features that you want to use. Ignore the ones you don’t.

  • Lookup vehicles using the vehicle registration mark.

  • Self creating vehicle inventory pages. Styled to your needs.

  • Vehicle search tool for users who want to search by make, model and or price range.

  • Vehicle finance estimator. Known to help convert more visitors into buyers.

  • Live chat. Engage your potential customers in real time with live chat.

  • Latest vehicles slider. Showcase your most recent vehicles in style.

  • Custom templates to display your vehicle how you want to.

  • Virtually limitless design options.

  • Limitless colour options. Create a colour scheme that matches your business & branding.

  • Image sliders, image carousels, form creators, video players and much more. All built into your theme, for ease of use.

  • Visitor Statistics. Knowing visitor numbers and behaviour will help you enhance sales like nothing else.

  • Quality UK hosting with UK based servers & cPanel. Fast page delivery. Better performance.

  • Your website will never be out of date. It runs on WordPress. The most popular content management system in the world.

  • Avada. The #1 selling WordPress theme. You will never need to worry about having the latest features, with this regularly updated theme.

  • SEO. We will add a plugin that helps optimise your content for the search engines.

  • Social media integration. All built into your theme and ready to use.

  • Multiple pages. You can add as many as you want. These can also be templated for you.

  • Built in blog and portfolio capability. A great way to grow your online audience and authority.

  • Business email accounts. Even our smallest package comes with 5 free email accounts. You can add more, if needed.

  • Fully responsive design. As you would expect.

How Much Does Motorious Cost?

We like to keep things simple. We offer one simple package but your website can be extended and customised easily. That means lower costs going forward, for those that want or need more.

We are also quite happy to show you, or your staff, how everything works. You can take full or partial control of your websites development, if and when you want to. You can let us manage everything or hire a third party. Once set up. You are completely free to proceed as you choose.

20% Discount Throughout February!!!

It’s a fabulous February for our smaller UK vehicle dealers. Were giving you a massive 20% discount for life. You don’t pay the prices shown on this page.

Place your £150 deposit payment before March 1st 2019 and we will give you 20% off of everything. FOREVER!!!

  • 20% Off the setup cost.

  • 20% Off the monthly cost.

  • 20% Off for life.

Buy Motorious

£299Setup Cost
  • £25 Monthly
  • Home page
  • Contact Us page
  • About Us page
  • Vehicle Inventory page
  • Vehicle Category pages
  • Plus all of the features listed above

Arrange Your Demo Today !!!

Fancy A Test Drive?

It is important to know that Motorious is right for your individual needs. For that reason. We recommend that you let us log you into our demo website and let you take a test drive. You can then make a fully informed decision, get to know us and get any questions answered.

Getting started is very simple. Just fill out the form to arrange your demo. Your email address will not be shared or added to a mailing list and we won’t use the opportunity to start a sales campaign on you. We just think it’s better for everyone, if you know how Motorious works and if it is going to be right for you.

If you like Motorious and decide to go ahead. We will send you a purchase link. We then take care of setting everything up and will work with you, to deliver a website that fits your business and brand.

If You Prefer To Talk First

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